Teeth Replacement and Restoration

Thanks to advancements in modern technology, the performance and aesthetics of dental restorations have never been better. Those in need of a tooth or teeth replacement can choose from a variety of restoration options that benefit the health, function, and look of your smile. At the Center for Adult Dental Care, Dr. Kin Wong provides quality dental restorations for those in Burlington, Lexington, and Woburn.

Teeth Replacement and RestorationReplacing a Tooth or Teeth

Dr. Wong makes every effort to save your natural teeth, but when trauma, decay, or infection makes repair difficult if not impossible, the best option may be to replace the affected tooth. If you face this scenario, there are several restoration options to help maintain the health and beauty of your smile. Our dentist is passionate about educating his patients, advising them to consider all options.

Dental Implants - We encourage those with missing teeth and a healthy enough jawbone to consider dental implants. These prosthetics completely replace teeth. The titanium post, is placed with precision to act as the tooth root and integrates into the jawbone. Once healed, an abutment and restoration complete the process, providing a natural look and durable function. 

Tooth-Supported Fixed Bridge – This is the traditional and most common replacement option. Instead of using a dental implant for support and stability, this option uses an adjacent natural tooth to support the bridge with a clasp. This appliance is available for those who cannot benefit from implants, due to health or financial reasons.   

Maryland Bridge – This option is commonly used to replace front teeth, as it has wings to attach to the adjacent teeth. With this option, there is no need to alter healthy teeth as part of preparation. It provides better stability than removable partials, but it is not as supportive or stable as a fixed bridge.

Dentures – These dental appliances are an option for those who are missing all of their teeth. When supported by dental implants, dentures offer patients an opportunity to have a stable and natural looking smile. At the Center for Adult Dental Care, we can reline, replace, or repair your traditional dentures, but we also recommend supporting them with implants. 

Minor Restoration Options

Just as important as replacing teeth is preventing them from being lost. In addition to our array of options for dental replacement, we offer several restorations to rebuild existing teeth.

Tooth-colored fillings help with cavities, and the same composite resin can be used to address cosmetic imperfections as well. Ceramic crowns cover teeth treated with root canal therapy, but can also be crafted to work with dental implants. The material used for these restorations closely resemble natural teeth, leaving you satisfied and confident in your smile.

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At the Center for Adult Dental Care, Dr. Kin Wong and our attentive team spend the time to ensure you have all the information available regarding your restorative dental options. Our practice offers solutions for teeth replacement and restoration in Burlington, Lexington, and Woburn, along with guidance to help you make the right choice. Call us today to set up your appointment.


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